Napa County is known for its stunning hillside wineries throughout Napa Valley. Although mold may not come to mind when you think of your beautiful property in the area, mold is a naturally occurring organism found everywhere.

However, mold can become a significant problem if it starts to develop in your home or business. To keep your building and its occupants safe from the hazardous effects of mold, All Star Mold Testing has the testing and removal services you need.

Mold Inspection and Testing in Napa County

As a certified mold inspection and remediation company, we conduct a thorough visual inspection. We also know what questions to ask so that we can better understand what we might be dealing with. After this initial inspection, we will move forward with mold testing in your Napa County home or business to learn the specific types and amount of mold present.

Air Quality Testing

Air quality testing for Napa County homes and businesses helps detect mold in most scenarios. If you don't see any visible mold but want to ensure that your home or business is safe, we can take air samples to evaluate where there are mold spores in the air. If you do see mold, we also take air samples to assess whether the mold is airborne. 

Surface Testing

Mold can also grow on nearly any surface inside your building. By swabbing areas such as sinks and counters, we can test for a mold concentration on those various surfaces.

Mold Remediation in Napa County

If test results come back with high numbers or show harmful species present, we will proceed with mold remediation. Through this process, we remove as much mold as possible. Though we can't eliminate all mold, we can remove a significant amount so that it is no longer a danger.

At All Star Mold Testing, we know that the key to a successful remediation is a follow-up. You can count on us to test your mold levels again after our services so we can feel confident that we resolved the issue.

Napa County Water Damage Restoration

Did you know that water damage is the leading cause of mold? Mold thrives in moist, humid environments, which often stem from water damaged areas. It only takes External link opens in new tab or window24-48 hours for mold to develop once water enters an area.

At All Star Mold Testing, we use unique water meters that find the water source causing the mold, any hidden water damage and the extent of the damage. Once we have these details, we will perform the drying services necessary to restore your space. We also have bacterial testing available for wastewater situations.

Contact All Star Mold Testing Today for Mold Removal in Napa County

Some of the many reasons to choose our services include:

  • Local business help: We have many years of experience providing mold cleaning services in Napa County, and we are committed to providing our customers with unbeatable service.
  • Certifications: We are certified by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Professional Mold Inspection Institute (PMII) and the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC).
  • Open scheduling: We can schedule appointments when it is most convenient for you, including on weekends and evenings.
  • Emergency services: If you live within 24 hours of our location in Walnut Creek, we can provide emergency water and mold services.

For certified mold inspection in Napa County, contact All Star Mold Testing today.