Storms can come as a surprise, bringing severe weather conditions including winds, heavy rainfall and flooding. When water enters your property, turn to All Star Mold Testing & Water Damage Inc. We serve commercial and residential customers in the Bay Area and surrounding counties with storm damage restoration and professional storm cleanup services. As a licensed contractor in the state of California, all of our technicians are certified by the IICRC to help you bounce back after a natural disaster.

Time is valuable during storm restoration, so we move quickly to assist with cleanup and sanitation efforts. It's our goal to bring your home or business back to how it was prior to a major storm, and we have the tools and resources to act immediately.

Our Residential and Commercial Storm Damage Restoration Process

Your storm damage restoration project begins when you give us a call. We're willing to travel about an hour from Walnut Creek to perform emergency services. Your representative will begin by asking you questions about the extent of the flooding to ensure we show up prepared and ready to go with residential restoration process.

All Star Mold Testing & Water Damage will conduct a visual inspection to gauge the problem we're dealing with. We'll walk your property with moisture meters and develop a drying plan, ensuring our crews take the right approach. If anything like a plumbing leak is contributing to the storm damage, we will take the necessary steps to minimize the damage and stop the source as expeditiously as possible.

Emergency Bay Area Flood and Storm Damage Restoration Services

Standing water is a threat to carpet, drywall, subfloors and structural beams. Once the initial damage inspection is complete, our technicians will remove water using submersible pumps and powerful vacuums. We have the ability to remove thousands of gallons of water efficiently and use special equipment to find pockets of moisture within walls, ceilings and more. On-site technicians will help you determine what personal belongings and furniture you can salvage after extraction.

Emergency Flood Drying Services

Emergency flood damage restoration involves drying the impacted rooms in your home or business. Mold can grow in damp conditions, so we'll bring dehumidifiers and air movers to speed up the drying process. We also work to prevent secondary damage to walls, floors and other surfaces by promoting rapid evaporation.

Flood Cleaning Services

Your property will require sanitation efforts after a flooding emergency. All Star Mold Testing & Water Damage uses EPA registered disinfectants to eliminate signs of mold, bacteria and lingering odors. Rather than leaving you with wet carpets and wallpaper, we take discarded materials with us for proper disposal.

Repairs and Reconstruction

Our many years of experience and state of the art equipment allows our trained water restoration team to rapidly dry any structure, allowing you to get your construction crews on-site to begin the build back and minimize down time. We are a licensed general contractor but limit our construction to smaller jobs allowing us to better serve our emergency needs clients.

Contact All Star Mold Testing & Water Damage for Flood Restoration Services

Experiencing a flooding issue near Walnut Creek? All Star Mold Testing & Water Damage helps you regain control with a tailored approach for your property. We serve the counties of Contra Costa, Marin, Monterey, San Mateo, Sonoma and the rest of the San Francisco Bay Area, and we're here for you with flexible scheduling options, including weekends and evenings, for no additional fee.

To schedule an appointment, contact us online today. If you're experiencing a storm damage emergency, call us at 1-800-813-7704 for us to be capable of responding immediately.